Good Death Companion

End of Life Care

May Love Be What You Remember Most

Carole Silvoy

Death Doula

All forms of loss can be "Little Deaths."

I walk with you through loss.

You are not alone.


Who am I?

I'm a Companion for people who are facing their own death or the death of a loved one with the aim of having a Good Death. My career has been as an interpreter for the Deaf and in many other roles in the field of communication. I'm trained and have served as a lay minster and as a specialist in holding space, or, deep listening.

I am also a Singer, a Caretaker, a Cat Whisperer, and loving Wife, Daughter, Sibling, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, and Friend.

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You have the right to choose.

Each life is finite, and

you may decide how your ending will be.


International End of Life Doula Association - INELDA

Training, May 2019

Going Deeper 2022

Institute for the Study of Birth Breath and Death

Teacher Training 2021

Holding Space Consultant 2023

Muhlenberg College

BA, Theater & Religion,

Summa Cum Laude, 1991

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For Doulas

Distance Doula Support

When working in death care with individuals and those around them there are often beloved folk who are far-flung and not as able to be part of the process. More important, they may not have a place to process all that goes along with dying, loss, and more during this time of transition.

Being able to care for everyone in the circle of care is a huge task.

What if you have a co-doula to hold space with those beyond your reach?

Check out my Distance Doula Approach

Some Services Offered

  • Holding Space Consult

A 50 minute session when I listen deeply to what's on your mind and on your heart. In person or virtual, the time may be in words or silence. A Safe Space.

This service relates to Grief and Loss of any kind.

  • Legacy Work

Looking at your Life Footprint, and creating the ways you wish to be remembered, legacy projects can take many forms.

All my work as a Doula is tailored to each individual I companion.

  • End of Life Plans

Whether pre-planning your wishes or facing illness and imminent death, deciding how you would like to spend your final time and what happens after you pass is gentler when you walk with a guide. Having such plans in place is a gift to those you love, leaving no worry about "what you would have wanted."

  • Vigil

In hospice, at home, in nursing home, or in hospital, I can support your final hours as well as your beloved folk and their needs.

When desired, ritual at the time of death can be a very rich experience.

  • Long Distance Care

When we love someone who is dying and we can not be where they are it is heart wrenching. Using Virtual Communication I can hold space with those beloved folk and help ease minds and hearts for them and for the dying.

  • Creative Death Care

The possibilities at the End of Life are many. My work allows me to help you shape your options. Given the choice, how will you leave this life?

Let's talk.


Holding Space Consulting - $50 per hour, $25 per 30 minutes

via phone or video.

Planning, Doula services, Vigil - charged on a sliding scale.

Feel free to contact me for a quote.

Distance Doula Services - charged on a case by case basis

Feel free to contact me for a quote.

Work with me

Carole Silvoy

Death Doula

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